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Blog Posts in September, 2010

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  • No Link between Asthma and Cavities
    No Link between Asthma and Cavities

    There has been some speculation for some time that asthma and tooth decay are linked somehow, but according to a recent study published in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of the American ...

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  • Flexible Partial Dentures
    Flexible Partial Dentures

    Most of us don’t enjoy the thought of losing our teeth. No one wants to think about the appearance of lost teeth, having problems eating due to lost teeth, or having to wear dentures. As a result, ...

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  • Nutrition and Dental Health
    Nutrition and Dental Health

    Surely you know by now that brushing, flossing, and cleaning your teeth improves your dental health. But did you also know that nutrition affects your dental health, too? In fact, ensuring you consume ...

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  • How to Floss with Braces
    How to Floss with Braces

    It’s definitely harder to keep your teeth clean while wearing orthodontic braces (not Invisalign braces). Toothbrushes aren’t able to reach every facet of the tooth, and flossing seems nearly ...

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  • Pulp Capping – Alternative Solution over Root Canals
    Pulp Capping – Alternative Solution over Root Canals

    When a patient has a cavity that runs exceptionally deep into the tooth, exposing the tooth pulp (never), a root canal is most often required to correct this painful problem. However, a recent study ...

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